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Newfoundland & Labrador Basketball Association

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Minor Provincial School Championships

West Coast Tournaments

Tournament Site Date School Schedules
Boys (Grade 4)Corner BrookFeb 3 - 5J.J. CurlingSchedule
Boys (Grade 5)PasadneaFeb 10 - 12Pasadena PlaceRevised Schedule
Boys (Grade 6)Corner BrookFeb 17 - 19J.J. CurlingSchedule
Boys (Grade 7)PasadenaFeb 24 - 26Pasadena PlaceSchedule
Boys (Grade 8)GanderMar 3 - 5St. Paul's IntermediateSchedule
Boys A (Grade 9)Deer LakeMar 24 - 26Xavier Junior HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade 9)PasadenaMar 24 - 26Pasadena AcademySchedule
Boys (Grade 10)Deer LakeMar 31 - Apr 2Elwood HighSchedule
Boys (Grade 11)Deer LakeApr 7 - 9Elwood HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 4)MeadowsFeb 3 - 5Templeton AcademySchedule
Girls (Grade 5)CancelledFeb 10 - 12CancelledSchedule
Girls (Grade 6)Corner BrookFeb 17 - 19C.C. LoughlinRevised Schedule
Girls (Grade 7)Deer LakeFeb 24 - 26Xavier Junior HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 8)Deer LakeMar 3 - 5Xavier Junior HighSchedule
Girls A (Grade 9)MeadowsApr 7 - 9Templeton AcademySchedule
Girls B (Grade 9)GlenwoodMarch 24 - 26Lakewood AcademySchedule
Girls (Grade 10)Grand Falls WindsorMar 31 - Apr 2Exploits Valley HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 11)Grand Falls WindsorApr 7 - 9Exploits Valley HighSchedule

East Coast Tournaments

Tournament Site Date School Schedules
Boys (Grade 4)Outer CoveFeb 3 - 5St. Francis of AssisiSchedule
Boys A (Grade 5)St. John'sFeb 10 - 12St. John BoscoSchedule
Boys B (Grade 5)Portugal Cove - St. PhilipsFeb 10 - 12Beachy Cove ElementarySchedule
Boys A (Grade 6)Outer CoveFeb 17 - 19St. Francis of AssisiRevised Schedule
Boys B (Grade 6)Portugal Cove - St. PhilipsFeb 17 - 19Beachy Cove ElementarySchedule
Boys C (Grade 6)GouldsFeb 17 - 19St. Kevin's Junior HighRevised Schedule
Boys A (Grade 7)St. John'sFeb 24 - 25Brother Rice Junior HighRevised Schedule
Boys B (Grade 7)St. John'sMar 17 - 19MacDonald Drive Junior HighSchedule
Boys A (Grade 8)St. John'sMar 3 - 5Beaconsfield Junior HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade 8)MobileMar 3 - 5Mobile Central HighSchedule
Boys C (Grade 8)GouldsMar 3 - 5St. Kevin's Junior HighRevised Schedule
Boys A (Grade 9)Mount PearlMar 24 - 26School of the DeafSchedule
Boys B (Grade 9)St. John'sMar 24 - 26Beaconsfield Junior HighSchedule
Boys C (Grade 9)FerrylandMar 24 - 26Baltimore SchoolSchedule
Boys A (Grade 10)St. John'sMar 31 - Apr 2Gonzaga HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade 10)ClarenvilleMar 31 - Apr 2Clarenville HighSchedule
Boys A (Grade 11)St. John'sApr 7 - 9Waterford Valley HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade11)AvondaleApr 7 - 9Roncalli Central HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 4)St. John'sFeb 3 - 5Ecole des Grands-VentsSchedule
Girls A (Grade 5)Witless BayFeb 10 - 12St. Matthew'sSchedule
Girls B (Grade 5)Outer CoveFeb 10 - 12St. Francis of AssisSchedule
Girls A (Grade 6)Witless BayFeb 17 - 19St. Bernard'sSchedule
Girls B (Grade 6)Pouch CoveFeb 17 - 19Cape St. FrancisSchedule
Girls C (Grade 6)FerrylandFeb 17 - 19Baltimore SchoolSchedule
Girls A (Grade 7)St. John'sFeb 24 - 25MacDonald Drive Junior HighSchedule
Girls B (Grade 7)MobileFeb 24 - 25Mobile Central HighRevised Schedule
Girls A (Grade 8)FerrylandMar 3 - 5Baltimore SchoolSchedule
Girls B (Grade 8)St. John'sMar 3 - 5College of the North AtlanticRevised Schedule
Girls A (Grade 9)St. John'sMar 24 - 26Brother Riced Junior HighSchedule
Girls B (Grade 9)MobileMar 24 - 26Mobile Central HighSchedule
Girls C (Grade 9)St. Bride'sMar 24 - 26Fatima AcademySchedule
Girls A (Grade 10)St. John'sMar 31 - Apr 2Prince of Wales CollegiateSchedule
Girls B (Grade 10)TorbayMar 31 - Apr 2Torbay High SchoolSchedule
Girls A (Grade 11)St. John'sApr 7 - 9Gonzaga HighSchedule
Girls B (Grade 11)FerrylandApr 7 - 9Baltimore SchoolSchedule

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Minor Provincial Club Championships

Category Date Club Site Schedule
Mini U11 Boys (Born 2006)January 20 - 22, 2017Mount Pearl Minor BasketballMary Queen of the World, Mount PearlSchedule
Mini U11 Girls (Born 2006)January 20 - 22, 2017Goulds HoopstersGoulds Elementary, GouldsSchedule
Mini U12 Boys (Born 2005)January 27 - 29, 2017Mount Pearl Minor BasketballNewtown ElementarySchedule
Mini U12 Girls (Born 2005)January 27 - 29, 2017Goulds HoopstersGoulds Elementary, GouldsSchedule
Bantam U13 Boys (Born 2004)December 9 - 11, 2016Mount Pearl Minor BasketballNewtown, Mount PearlSchedule
Bantam U13 Girls (Born 2004)December 9 - 11, 2016Goulds HoopstersSt. Kevin's High School, GouldsSchedule
Intermediate U14 Boys (Born 2003)December 9 - 11, 2016SwilersBeaconsfield Junior High, St. John'sSchedule
Intermediate U14 Girls (Born 2003)December 9 - 11, 2016Goulds HoopstersSt. Kevin's High School, GouldsSchedule

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Senior Provincial Championships

Tournament Site Date Schedule
Men's Division I - Clarence Sutton Memorial TournamentStella Marius Academy, TrepasseyMarch 31 - Apr 2, 2017Schedule
Men's Division IINLSC, St. John'sMarch 17 - 19, 2017Schedule
Men's Division III - Paul Whittle Memorial TournamentNLSC, St. John'sMarch 17 - 19, 2017Schedule
Men's Division IVNLSC, St. John'sMarch 17 - 19, 2017Schedule
Men's Division VCancelledCancelledSchedule
Ed Browne MastersStella Marius Academy, TrepasseyApril 7 - 9, 2017Schedule
Women's Division ICancelledCancelledSchedule
Women's Division IINLSC, St. John'sMarch 17 - 19, 2017Schedule

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Hall of Fame Cup

Date: February 17 - 19, 2017
Place: NL Sports Centre, St. John's
Teams: Top 8 Ranked Men's and Women's High School Teams
2017 Hall of Fame Cup Schedule - TBA in February 2017 after final rankings.

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Invitational Tournaments

To book a referee through the St. John's Association of Basketball Officials website go to

Mount Pearl Senior High Wendy's Classic

  • Who: Boys Senior High School Basketball
  • When: November 17th, 18th and 19th, 2017
  • Where: Mount Pearl Senior High, Mount Pearl
  • Registration Fee: $300.00 per team
  • Deadline: Undetermined
  • Contact Person: Leon Peddle @
  • Additional Comments:
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Submit Your Tournament

Any Basketball Team wishing to post a tournament to the NLBA website, please contact Laura Chatman at Please send your tournament information in the following format:

  • Tournament Title: Name of Tournament
  • Who: Age/Grade and Gender
  • When: Dates
  • Where: Gym and Community
  • Registration Fee: Cost Per Team
  • Deadline: for Applications
  • Contact Person: Name, Email, Phone of Contact(s)
  • Additional Comments: Any Additional Information

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