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Minor Basketball

Click here to down load a copy of the2017 Minor Rulebook in PDF format.

Click here to down load a copy of the 2016 - 17 Minor Rule Changes in PDF format.

Click here to down load a copy of the 2016 Rulebook changes in PDF format.

2017 Minor School Championships

The 2017 Minor tournament hosting sites have been determined. For more details on sites, dates and registration fees, please download the Minor Sites and Dates form. There are still events where hosts are not yet secured. If you are interested in hosting, please download the hosting application, complete, have the principal sign the form and send it to the NLBA. These will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

2017 Minor School Tournaments Registration Form. The deadline to register is January 31, 2017
2017 Minor School Tournaments Sites and Dates
2017 Minor School Tournaments Hosting Application

2017 Minor Provincial School Championships

Tournament Registration

Listed above are the tournament sites and dates for the 2017 Provincial Minor Basketball Championships. The deadline to register for these tournaments is January 31, 2017. Team registration fees are set at $78.00 per team for the Grade 4's; $286.00 for all Grade 5 and Grade 6 tournaments, and $338.00 for all other events (Grade 7 to Grade 11). The application form and the registration fees MUST be submitted using the process below. Your spot will not be secured if the payment is not made at the same time. Payment can be via PayPal account or credit card. Teams who drop out after the schedule has been sent out will not get a refund of their registration fee.

  • Clubs are "Not Permitted" to compete in Provincial Minor Championships. All entries must be school teams.
  • By entering any of these events, coaches agree to abide by the rules of the NLBA.
  • The NLBA office and the minor committee will determine which teams go to the "A", "B" or "C" events.
  • There is no need to place a formal protest for ineligible players. The game is automatically defaulted. Opposing team wins by 20-0 score.
  • There will be sanctions and/or fines for teams that withdraw from an event after it starts.

Instructions to Apply to Enter a Tournament

  1. Download the entry form to your computer using the link below.
  2. Complete the entry form and save it on your computer.
  3. Obtain the permission of the school principal to submit the entry form.
  4. Submit the entry form to the NLBA Office by filling in the Contact Name, Contact Email, Checking Off "Principal's Permission", and attaching the saved entry form. To attach the entry form, click on "Browse", and find the completed entry form file that you have saved on your computer.
  5. Press "Submit" to send the form to the NLBA office; you will be transferred to the payment screen to submit the fee.
Contact Name:
Contact Email Address:

The principal has seen and approved this registration form.

Attach Application Form:

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West Coast Tournaments

Tournament Site Date School Schedules
Boys (Grade 4)Corner BrookFeb 3 - 5J.J. CurlingSchedule
Boys (Grade 5)PasadneaFeb 10 - 12Pasadena PlaceRevised Schedule
Boys (Grade 6)Corner BrookFeb 17 - 19J.J. CurlingSchedule
Boys (Grade 7)PasadenaFeb 24 - 26Pasadena PlaceSchedule
Boys (Grade 8)GanderMar 3 - 5St. Paul's IntermediateSchedule
Boys A (Grade 9)Deer LakeMar 24 - 26Xavier Junior HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade 9)PasadenaMar 24 - 26Pasadena AcademySchedule
Boys (Grade 10)Deer LakeMar 31 - Apr 2Elwood HighSchedule
Boys (Grade 11)Deer LakeApr 7 - 9Elwood HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 4)MeadowsFeb 3 - 5Templeton AcademySchedule
Girls (Grade 5)CancelledFeb 10 - 12CancelledSchedule
Girls (Grade 6)Corner BrookFeb 17 - 19C.C. LoughlinRevised Schedule
Girls (Grade 7)Deer LakeFeb 24 - 26Xavier Junior HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 8)Deer LakeMar 3 - 5Xavier Junior HighSchedule
Girls A (Grade 9)MeadowsApr 7 - 9Templeton AcademySchedule
Girls B (Grade 9)GlenwoodMarch 24 - 26Lakewood AcademySchedule
Girls (Grade 10)Grand Falls WindsorMar 31 - Apr 2Exploits Valley HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 11)Grand Falls WindsorApr 7 - 9Exploits Valley HighSchedule

East Coast Tournaments

Tournament Site Date School Schedules
Boys (Grade 4)Outer CoveFeb 3 - 5St. Francis of AssisiSchedule
Boys A (Grade 5)St. John'sFeb 10 - 12St. John BoscoSchedule
Boys B (Grade 5)Portugal Cove - St. PhilipsFeb 10 - 12Beachy Cove ElementarySchedule
Boys A (Grade 6)Outer CoveFeb 17 - 19St. Francis of AssisiRevised Schedule
Boys B (Grade 6)Portugal Cove - St. PhilipsFeb 17 - 19Beachy Cove ElementarySchedule
Boys C (Grade 6)GouldsFeb 17 - 19St. Kevin's Junior HighRevised Schedule
Boys A (Grade 7)St. John'sFeb 24 - 25Brother Rice Junior HighRevised Schedule
Boys B (Grade 7)St. John'sMar 17 - 19MacDonald Drive Junior HighSchedule
Boys A (Grade 8)St. John'sMar 3 - 5Beaconsfield Junior HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade 8)MobileMar 3 - 5Mobile Central HighSchedule
Boys C (Grade 8)GouldsMar 3 - 5St. Kevin's Junior HighRevised Schedule
Boys A (Grade 9)Mount PearlMar 24 - 26School of the DeafSchedule
Boys B (Grade 9)St. John'sMar 24 - 26Beaconsfield Junior HighSchedule
Boys C (Grade 9)FerrylandMar 24 - 26Baltimore SchoolSchedule
Boys A (Grade 10)St. John'sMar 31 - Apr 2Gonzaga HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade 10)ClarenvilleMar 31 - Apr 2Clarenville HighSchedule
Boys A (Grade 11)St. John'sApr 7 - 9Waterford Valley HighSchedule
Boys B (Grade11)AvondaleApr 7 - 9Roncalli Central HighSchedule
Girls (Grade 4)St. John'sFeb 3 - 5Ecole des Grands-VentsSchedule
Girls A (Grade 5)Witless BayFeb 10 - 12St. Matthew'sSchedule
Girls B (Grade 5)Outer CoveFeb 10 - 12St. Francis of AssisSchedule
Girls A (Grade 6)Witless BayFeb 17 - 19St. Bernard'sSchedule
Girls B (Grade 6)Pouch CoveFeb 17 - 19Cape St. FrancisSchedule
Girls C (Grade 6)FerrylandFeb 17 - 19Baltimore SchoolSchedule
Girls A (Grade 7)St. John'sFeb 24 - 25MacDonald Drive Junior HighSchedule
Girls B (Grade 7)MobileFeb 24 - 25Mobile Central HighRevised Schedule
Girls A (Grade 8)FerrylandMar 3 - 5Baltimore SchoolSchedule
Girls B (Grade 8)St. John'sMar 3 - 5College of the North AtlanticRevised Schedule
Girls A (Grade 9)St. John'sMar 24 - 26Brother Riced Junior HighSchedule
Girls B (Grade 9)MobileMar 24 - 26Mobile Central HighSchedule
Girls C (Grade 9)St. Bride'sMar 24 - 26Fatima AcademySchedule
Girls A (Grade 10)St. John'sMar 31 - Apr 2Prince of Wales CollegiateSchedule
Girls B (Grade 10)TorbayMar 31 - Apr 2Torbay High SchoolSchedule
Girls A (Grade 11)St. John'sApr 7 - 9Gonzaga HighSchedule
Girls B (Grade 11)FerrylandApr 7 - 9Baltimore SchoolSchedule

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2016 - 2020 Rotations Chart

Minor Score Sheet

  1. The East and West Coast will be divided at Gander, with Gander included in the West Coast Category.
  2. Exceptions may be permitted upon submission of written requests sent to the office for executive approval.
  3. All tournaments will be grade based. Teams and athletes are able to play in a higher grade tournament.
  4. Individuals and teams cannot play in a lower grade tournament.
  5. The NLBA office and the minor committee will decide which teams go to the “A”, “B” or “C” events.
  6. There will be sanctions and / or fines for teams that withdraw from an event after it starts.
  7. By entering any of these events, coaches agree to abide by the rules of the NLBA

Minor Tournament Ranking Process

To see ranking process for tournaments, please download the following file: Rankings Process for Provincial Championships


Teams who win a championship in the "A" division (or those with only one division) in the previous year, and apply to move up one age group the following year will be automatically placed in the "A" division of that event. Example: a team that win's grade 7 in 2014 and apply to go to grade 9 in 2015 (keep in mind they are in grade 8 and so will enter the "A" division) will be placed in the "A" division of the grade 9 championships. Teams may make application to the Minor Committee for an exemption of this rule.

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Mail Outs

School Information Mail-Outs

To receive information regarding Merchandise, Press Releases, Provincial Team Identification Camps, Coaching Clinics, and Minor School Provincial Championship notices, etc, by email or mail, please submit the attached form to the NLBA Office. There is a $25 fee. You will be transferred to a payment screen when you submit this form.

Download: 2016 - 2017 Mail Out Form

Registrant Name:
Email Address:

Mailing Address (address, city/town, postal code):

Indicate Delivery Preference
Mail Out Fee

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Hosting Application - 2017 Minor Provincial School Championships

2017 Minor School Tournaments Hosting Application

Instructions to Apply to Host a Provincial Minor Tournament

  1. Download the appliction form: 2017 Minor hosting application.
  2. Complete and submit the application form to the NLBA Office via fax, mail, or scan and email.

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